Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Men’s sports shirt from 1930’s Copley’s Leaflet 944

The great thing about vintage patterns for men, is that modern women can wear them. As a women with a 38 inch bust, a lot of lovely 32 inch patterns from the twentieth century , you know those gorgeous ones in only one bust size, I’m now thinking of trying to knit myself a men’s pattern and this is a possibility. This is from the 1930’s and came from a mixed lot I bought on eBay. I’ve since had to uninstall the eBay ap as I had a bit of an addiction and literally piles and piles of knitting patterns already!

Chest 36 inches, yarn 3 ply. The pattern suggests yarn in green, with red and white for the stripes (the red stripe is a faint grey on the scan). The tension square inch has been cut out leaving a little window.

Copley's free knitting pattern men'sCopley's free knitting pattern men's 1Copley's free knitting pattern men's 2Copley's free knitting pattern men's 3

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