Vintage Knitting Pattern: 1980s does 1940s (Sirdar 5975)

This is another vintage pattern of one era representing another, though for the first time it clearly calls it 1940s nostalgia. I think the man in the background looks rather menacing, as if he intends something violent toward the poor innocent lady smiling to the camera.

It’s in a wonderful range of bust sizes from 32 to 40 inches and is knitted up in a not very 1940s DK.

Sirdar 5975 ladies jumper free knitting patternSirdar 5975 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 1Sirdar 5975 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 2Sirdar 5975 ladies jumper free knitting pattern 3


  1. I think the menacing man might be the actor Pip Torrens – but I haven’t got my contact lenses in yet so I am probably wrong!

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is actually a rather authentic 40ies-looking piece. Most of the 80ies-does-40ies stuff is way too large and hase enormus shoulder pads, but that one is really lovely.

  3. Thank you very much for this beautiful pattern. The idea is simple and so pretty. I shall be glad to knit it for my daughters.

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