Made By Me – I Finished a red raglan jumper (links to free pattern)

50s Roll Neck free vintage knitting patternI have been a bit lax at blogging about my finished projects this year. Partly it’s because I’m a bit camera-shy. This is a project I finished a while ago, and wore on Saturday to the Classic Car Boot Sale. It was a great day and I managed to sell more things than I bought. The pattern for this jumper is already up on this website here:

The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed which I bought for an entirely different project (I think it was DK). It has worn really well, hardly any bobbles have appeared and it’s survived the washing machine (on a wool wash with the spin cycle reduced, as the spinning is a jumper killer as much as a high temperature would be). I would recomend it. I would also recomend the pattern to jumper beginners. There is nothing too complicated in it and when you get your head around the decreases, you don’t really need to keep refering to the pattern. I made the second size, 36 inches.

Here it is at the sewing together phase, which I do right-side out. I used a stitch I’m never sure of the name of – possibly mattress stitch- which I learnt at my knit and natter group about five years ago (yes, I was runnning a knitting group and teaching beginners before I knew how to sew a jumper together). Anyway it magically disappears into the jumper so it looks great.

IMG_20141009_210752 Ta-da! The finished jumper… The top of the neck was turned to the inside at the right height for my little neck. It gives it a nice finish, by hiding the cast off edge. I also sewed in a super cunning invention of my own, which is a blue squiggle of yarn in the inside of the neck at the back, to help me put it on the right way around everytime. IMG_20150501_211252 I finished this so long ago I wore it on my chilly holiday. Here is me being so embarrased, wearing jumper and me made 70s wrap skirt and me made hat stood in front of a 5000 year old standing stone in the Cotswolds.


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  1. Hey you!! Your sweater turned out great 🙂 I’ve never tried knitting a raglan, but I love the look, and they always have such a nice fit around the arms. Please don’t be shy, you look so sweet 🙂

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