Free Knitting Pattern- 1980s Icelandic sweater and cardigan

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Year or Decade – from her hair do it’s a late 70s to mid 80s pattern. His hair is pretty 80s. They look like everyone’s parents did when I was little. I’m leaning towards dating it as early 80’s as the company’s telephone number has only 3 digits.

Size – 81 cm to 112 cm, which is 32 inch bust/ chest to 44 inch bust/ chest

Yarn Size – Hmm DK? Aran? “Pure Icelandic Lopi Wool” which you can buy here (and also they sell elf shoes!)

Source – Pattern was found in the RSPCA charity shop in Fleetwood and I had to insist on paying £1 when they only wanted 50p. Published by a local pattern company in Cumbria. Hawkshead is very much a place you might go for a nice drive to and see some lovely countryside. It’s close to a public forest. I imagine after having a walk about the country, they popped into the nearest town for lunch and a wander around the shops and that is when this pattern was bought, perhaps from the yarn shop that produced it. Hawkshead was a wool selling town going back to medieval times. After all this imagining, I realizsd a) there is a stamp from a wool shop much nearer to Fleetwood and b) the whole story is something that I have actually done when I was a child.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is the Icelandic sweater that I knitted for my then husband – If not, it was almost identical. That would have been in 1977-78. I haven’t knitted with Lopi wool since then, and I’m tempted to have another go 40 years later… I remember how lovely and rewarding it was to knit with.

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