Free Knitting Pattern 60s Norweigan

Is this late fifties or sixties? I’m thinking pre-1965 anyway. They seem very happy about their sausages. Wait till they realise there is no chart for this knitting pattern! I recommend you use the fantastic Chart Minder website created by a tech and knitting mad lady. If you are going to, sign in with Ravelry before you start – I once lost a whole chart by doing it after editing.

This is in three bust sizes – 32 inch, 34 inch and 36-38 inch. The leaflet is printed in Norway for distribution abroad and features a logo in the top left that I haven’t seen on my other Emu patterns, for the mill A/S Dale Fabrikker, so I’m pretty confident in declaring it an Norweigan pattern, rather than a Scottish Fair-Isle.

Here is the pattern as a document or scroll down for pdfs. Does anyone know how I can add the patterns from my site to Ravelry easily? If it’s going to take ages I probably won’t bother as I’ve got another 100 patterns to scan and share here!

Emu Fiord page 2

Emu Fiord page 3

3 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: 50s / 60s Norweigan Sweater”

  1. Jacinta Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing these patterns😀

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      No problem, I live to buy vintage knitting patterns!

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