Stitchcraft Dec 1943 free scan vintage knitting patterns

Before we begin, how to you like the redesign of the blog? Trying to look professional. I’m also adding patterns to Ravelry for the first time, beginning with Patons #960. The pattern itself will still live on the website here.

This issue is tiny and doesn’t have many pages, probably due to wartime shortages of paper. On page 9 there is an announcement that the magazine is changing to 8 or 9 issues a year instead of 12, but that the it will be bigger “than the small issues we have had to print recently” and there will be more copies published. I know from a wonderfully researched book called Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You about Diet, Thrift and Going Green that there was a national salvage (ie. recycling) campaign, so it is a wonder that any of these magazines survive.

WW2 National Salavage Campaign Poster from Imperial War Museum Collection

Inside the patterns are: some small gifts including a belt; the hats on the front cover in adult and child sizes; a pullover with matching socks for men in two sizes (32-34 inch & 36-38 inch chest); teddy bear baby’s jumper; lacy baby’s dress; women’s brick pattern cardigan-jumper (31-33 inch bust); women’s bobble cardigan slim fit (32-34 inch bust); women’s rib cardigan with pockets in the welt (31-33 inch bust); some pictures of two toys, pattern not included, that look rather creepy on the back cover and are described as “friendly competitors”; a tea cosy and a Ministry Of Food article on page 16. Here it is on Google Docs, where you should have the option to download as a pdf.

Stitchcraft Dec 19431

Stitchcraft Dec 19432 Stitchcraft Dec 19434 Free Vintage Knitting Pattern WW2 Pullover Socks Stitchcraft Dec 1943 6

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern  baby's Stitchcraft Dec 1943 9

Free Vintage sock pattern Stitchcraft Dec 194310

Stitchcraft Dec 194311

Vintage Knitting pattern womens WW2 Stitchcraft Dec 194312

Vintage Knitting pattern womens cardigan WW2 Stitchcraft Dec 1943 13Stitchcraft Dec 1943 14

Stitchcraft Dec 194315

Free WW2 knitting pattern 40s fortiesStitchcraft Dec 1943 16Vintage adverts from WW2 Stitchcraft Dec 1943 17

Stitchcraft Dec 1943 Ministry of Food

Vintage adverts WW2 Stitchcraft Dec 1943

Stitchcraft Dec 1943 tea cosy

Stitchcraft Dec 1943 War time Christmas giftsStitchcraft Dec 1943 Back Cover

3 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Stitchcraft December 1943”

  1. nays Avatar

    Thanks so much!!! Love the two cardigans. I am wondering why they published two very similar styles in the same size and yarn in the same edition.

  2. kat Avatar

    Thankyou for all the great patterns…. lots of projects now queued up!
    BTW page 6 is missing from this set of scans, just wondered what the teddy bear jumper was!

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      Well spotted! I will dig out the original jpegs and find that missing page. Thank you 😊

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