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I had a lovely holiday a couple of weeks ago.  Undaunted by rain, wind and sleet, Mr Sunnystitcher and I visited the Cotswolds, stayed in a lovely old cottage with an open fire and hired a car to visit lots of National Trust houses, castles and scenic villages. I managed to squeeze in two charity and antique shop rummages in Woodstock and Moreton-In-Marsh. No sewing patterns were unearthed, but a pile of knitting patterns and three issues of The Lady from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Here is the first, from The Lady no. 2384 from October 1930. I adore this pattern! Sorry for the wonky scan. And I am absolutely gutted that they have only published part 2 of the pattern in this issue, covering the back and sleeves. I’m planning to visit the British Library to scan the first part, but while you wait here is a picture of what you could be knitting. I’ll update this page when I get part 1.

free 20s 30s knitting pattern

free vintage 20s jumper knitting pattern

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    An intarsia belt… CUTE!

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