Here is leaflet 228 from Stitchcraft, last of the scans I made on my last trip to the British Library. My plan is to go back and scan from different sources, Good Needlework for example and look at both 20s and 40s, but as the library had all 228 of the leaflets, I’m sure I will revisit this collection.

It is a much more modern friendly bust size of 34-36 (unlike the 30-32 inch post yesterday).At first it looks marvelous, then I notice the entire thing is knitted in ribbing, which will make it very clingy and rather fiddly to knit up, as you will be changing from knit to purl constantly.

Doesn’t this model look bored, like she’s thinking she can’t take anymore of the photographer talking about his holidays, though as it’s from September 1939, perhaps she’s tired from worrying about the war which had just begun.

Here are the pdfs for this pattern – Page 1, Page 2 and 3, Page 4

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern from 1930s

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  1. Kate-Em Avatar

    Gosh, I love this one and I really enjoy knitting in rib so it could be a winner!

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