Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 topThis lovely pattern can be made either long or short sleeved. From the forties I’m thinking from the style, but by the size of the pages maybe it is just after the war or before in 1938 or 1939, as there was strict paper rationing during World War Two in Britain and a lot of the patterns I have from that area are around a quarter of the size. The puff sleeves are adorable, I’m such a sucker for that style. The bust size is 33-34 inches. No idea about the ply of the yarn as it only lists it Copley’s Cryscelle, but as a rough guess, it is knitted on Size 10 and 12 needles, which are UK Size 3.25 and 2.75mm, US 3 and 1, so a 2 or 3ply yard as those are some super slim needles.

In case this isn’t your bust size, I recomend this book – Knit Back in Time: Includes Techniques for Updating Vintage Patterns and Retro-styling Modern Patterns , which will teach you how to resize. The book though not having a full knitting pattern in it, has patterns for different types of collar, neckline, sleeves, pockets, cuffs, pleats, stitch pattern charts for vintage lacy stitches and fair isle. I have been meaning to get more into resizing patterns to fit, as I have a particular problem of having tiny size 6 shoulders and a not so tiny size 16 waist. Being lazy I’ve switched to mainly raglan styles, but will resolve to devote a bit of time to studying this book.

Returning to this pattern from Copley’s – The text from the top of the page is a nice addition:

As an adjunct to the most active member of your wardrobe – your suit- this slim fitting jumper is just perfect with little scattered flowerettes for romance, each in different shades. For a grey suit choose dark shades, Guardsman Red 228, Navy 85, Royal Blue 99; or Tulip Pink 1117, Turquoise 206, Daffodil 90 got with navy or black.

How much do you want something with flowerettes for romance now you’ve read that?

Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 top 2Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 top 3

Copley's 1255 Knitting Pattern WW2 top 4

5 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Ladies Puff Sleeve jumper (from 1940’s?)”

  1. nays Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this pattern! Those are particularly nice puff sleeves I have to say.

  2. Bonita Vear (@bjvear) Avatar

    I love the idea of the embroidery ~ it’s such a fun little detail that looks so pretty! This jumper is so lovely, thank you for sharing the pattern. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Simone Avatar

    It IS a 1940s (or post September 1939) pattern – the little bellboy wears an air raid helmet in Wartime patterns. Before this he had a pillbox hat. Easy little dating tip, although I’m not sure how soon after the beginning of the War Copley’s introduced this.

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      Thanks, that’s really useful!

  4. Pooja Avatar

    Did anyone here try this pattern especially the sleeve? I am struggling a little with forming the pleats

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