Free Vintage Pattern Sweater 30sSpring WooliesHere is Jumper Jill again. Since I named this thirties knitting pattern model, Theodora has shared some more pictures of her. I’m not the only person who is wildly curious about this model, who is my most favourite. My latest idea is that she was a) possibly a photographers wife or b) a debutant. Read Theodora’s blog at Theodora Goes Wild – She’s also been sharing some lovely vintage knitting patterns.

The pattern I’m sharing today is for the two sweaters on the left from Good Needlework, April 1936. I’m slighlty bonkers for knits with collars. Also I’d like to say sorry for the wonky scans – all my British Library Scans are more wonky than my home collection, due to the restrictions on how you can handle the pages – no placing them face down!

Finished measurements 35 inches around bust. The pattern describes the front detail as “vestee inset” which makes me smile for some reason.Good Needlework April 1936 Free Knitting patternGood Needlework April 1936 Free Knitting patter2015-07-22 001 008

6 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Good Needlework 1930s Spring”

  1. PinhousePP Avatar

    Oooo this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. nays Avatar

    LOVE it!!! Thanks so much

  3. Theodora Avatar

    It certainly is! Thank you.

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      Theodora, I’ve been Jill researching and have a whole post half written about it (coming soon).

  4. Theodora Avatar

    Ooh, excited…

  5. Kate-Em Avatar

    Lovely little jumpers, thanks for sharing.

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