thirties 30s pattern catalogue scan overalls smockThis is wonderfully progressive, or from the perspective of 2015 looking back to 1934 rather surprising. Taken from Weldon’s transfer Series No. 92. The text says 23042 “This is an ideal overall for an artist.” 30723 is even better – “Ideal for the modern girl who does her own motor repairs…” and suggests making it in gingham.

Weldon’s Transfer Series was a magazine which had one or two pages devoted to the embroidery transfer instructions, sometimes a surprise knitting pattern and the rest is entirely a Weldon’s patterns catalogue, with adverts for all sorts of Weldon’s products.

Other publications I’ve looked at from “Weldon’s” that are actually pattern catalogues include Weldon’s 6D series (aka Weldon’s Sixpenny Series), Weldon’s Outsize and Weldon’s Bazaar of Children’s Fashions, all of which would have a free tissue pattern, often for more than one item of clothing. The instructions covered two pages and the rest was pattern catalogue, adverts for other Weldon’s publications and conventional adverts aimed at women.

They did sell advertising space to other companies, but here are some Weldon’s ads in Weldon’s magazines, which will make you want to search out every flea markey and vintage fair till you find a copy! :

From Weldon’s Sixpenny Series issue 103 Styles for All with Larger Hips (this is mainly a pattern catalogue, as I said) has this advert for other Weldon’s things:

Weldon's Ladies' Sixpenny Series Advert thirties

1934 Weldon’s Sixpenny (6D) Series – No.87  All Day Frocks has this advert:

Weldon's Ladies' Sixpenny Series Advert thirties

Weldon’s Outsize Series which began in 1932 and the free sewing pattern had a bust of 42 inches. Here is a beautiful dress in an advert. Weldon's Ladies' Transfer Series Advert thirties

Finally from Issue 1 of Weldon’s Outsize, the four magazines you must not miss:Weldon's Ladies' Journal Advert thirties

2 responses to “Fashion History: 1934 smocks and overalls for ladies who do their own motor repairs plus Weldon’s adverts”

  1. PinhouseP Avatar

    Ah, that little white jumper is gorgeous! Too bad there wasn’t a pattern 😉

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      There was but I’d have to order that volume of that magazine. Takes 48 hours so I couldn’t do it that day. But if you want it, I will. Is it crochet? usually don’t scan things if they are crochet simply because I don’t know how many vintage crochet fans there are (and I’m crap at it!)

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