free vintage knitting pattern 1938 A charming jumperJumper Jill saves the day! In my previous post I confessed that my files are all of a muddle and I couldn’t say which publication I scanned it from. Well, this one has yealded to a spot of detection work, as it features my favourite model, who I’ve dubbed Jumper Jill. My notebook suggests this is most likely to be from Bestway Knitting 1938 issue 43 “Charming Summer Jumpers” which I scanned at the British Library way back in July.

Bust 34 to 38 inches in one size, depending on how closely fitted you’d like. Needs 2 ply yarn.

1938 Jumper Jill in free vintage knitting pattern

2 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Bestway Knitting 1938 A Dear Little Jumper”

  1. nays Avatar

    Thank you! The neckband construction is clever.

  2. Bonita (@lavender_twill) Avatar

    A dear little jumper indeed! Thank you for sharing ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

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