This knitting pattern is from Stitchcraft Issue 4, January 1933 – a coat, jumper and rather odd little hat – perhaps it could be a torque or side sitting cap and the weird crown could just be left off? The finished bust of the coat and top is 36 inches.This is described as “tailored knitting” which is just so chic. Ah, I remember early on just posting amusing knitting patterns, with cute kids or funny men leaning on trees. Now I’ve gone down a rabbit hole into serious fashion history stuff and consquently this blog is less amusing and more “I want this, and this,and this!” and “why can’t I be that chic and well tailored”. And also “sigh, another one not in my bust size.” Addressing the last one, I did look at thirties patterns in larger sizes, but they were all designed for 1930s old ladies and looked a bit frumpy. Coming up tomorrow I have a not frumpy one, described as being “for the slightly larger than average.”

I can’t decide if this is Jumper Jill or not from the side profile. Hmm. She was in the same issue in an underwear set. 

2015-08-12 14.07.47

Stitchcraft Issue 4 Looking Forward to Spring January 1933 2015-08-12 14.08.54

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  1. Kate-Em Avatar

    Any larger bust sized patterns will be most gratefully received. One day I will have to get my head around the maths required to resize things. Another lovely knit here. It is such a shame that ‘matrons’ knits were so often frumpy.

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