Forties Knitting Pattern LadiesOne of two posts on this publication from 1941 to keep wardens warm, which is Bestway Knitting magazine issue 74. This is the pattern for ths ladies jumper on the left. It’s 36 inch bust (could be finished measurement, could be size it’s designed for, who can say!). 3 ply yarn.

I recently had an enlightening converstion with fellow vintage knitter, blogger and instagramer Theodora. I mentioned using the 2 ply Jamieson and Smith yarn, which I have used several times as they have such a great range of colours at my local yarn shop (Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green), even though it is a bit itchy. She told me it won’t knit to the true 3 ply size and  your garment will come out bigger, and I had an “a-ha!” moment, realising that by using this yarn I had accidentally made a couple of sweaters exactly the bigger bust size I needed. Looking at their website, it calls it 2 ply Jumper yarn and says you can use it for knitting vintage patterns which call for 4 ply. Has anyone tried the 2 ply lace weight? The J & S website says that this is suitable for vintage patterns asking for 3 ply.

Forties Knitting Pattern LadiesForties Knitting Pattern Ladies

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  1. Tegan Avatar

    I just purchased some of the same Jamieson and Smith yarn for a vintage knit pattern and was quietly hoping it might knit up a little bigger, just stumbled on your site and happened to read this post and discovered that yes, it may well do!

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