Bestway 1979 free knitting pattern men'sThis is made up in rust, brown, yellow, green, blue and natural 3 ply. It’s slightly more complicated than the last fair isle pullover I posted, having both more colours and two charts to follow. Chest 38 inch.

Bestway 1979 free knitting pattern men's 1Bestway 1979 free knitting pattern men's 2Bestway 1979 free knitting pattern men's 3


3 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Men’s Fair Isle Pullover from 1940s (Bestway 1979)”

  1. nays Avatar

    Thank you! Seems weird to see a young man with a pipe…

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      It’s such a knitting pattern model accessory that I expect he didn’t smoke it.

  2. Kay Avatar

    My dad smoked a pipe from 16 years old. He gained the nickname stumpy because he’d collect cigarette stubs and roll his own, till his boss gave him an old pipe to empty the cigarette stubs into. Dad said its a nicer smoke and still smokes one now in his 70s. I’m going to try and knite this for him.

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