Munrospun Front Cover

Year – 1950s as it’s in colour in a big booklet and due to the hair do.

Size – 35 inch bust

Yarn Size – 2 ply

The pattern for this top is from Munrospun Knitting Book 11, which I think dates  somewhere between 1946 and 1956. This is one of those magic knitting patterns that has appeared in my house, which I have no recollection of buying. Possibly it is from one of the many vintage fairs held in London. Anyway, for your enjoyment here is the twinset from the cover. It’s for a 35 inch bust (but when I knitted it in 4-ply it fitted a 37 inch bust).

Munrospun page 1
Munrospun page 2
Munrospun page 3
Munrospun page 4

I’ve knitted the top without the stripes in a lovely yarn, called Freedom Gorgeous, made by Twilleys (but maybe discontinued now). It is 4ply and is a lovely soft blend of bamboo and nylon. I bought a bag of ten balls from The Knitting and Stitching Show, possibly from Black Sheep Yarns, though it is hard to remember as The K&S Show is like Glastonbury for knitters and at the end you are confused and exhausted, clutching a huge bag of more yarn and fabric than you can afford (or is that just me?).





2 responses to “1950s Twin Set with Stripey Top – Munrospun Knitting Book No 11”

  1. Sandflies Avatar

    Thank you for your generosity. These patterns are lovely

  2. Lorrie Avatar

    This pattern leaflet dates on 1949.

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