I’ve already shared a few of these patterns, ages ago, but here is the whole thing all in one post! There are a variety of short sleeved ladies jumpers – Introducing Clanora on pages 15, looks like a V-neck in the colour picture on page 22. It is a 30-32 inch bust. Tropical touch on pages 6 and 7 is a 34-36 inch bust. Fine Knitting In Wool String is button up top or cardigan with short sleeves in size 32-34 inch bust, on pages 14 and 23. The Jumper on The Cover is on page 16 and 23 and is a 32 – 34 inch bust. Pages 17 and 32 have a jumper called Simple Shape Unusual Stitch in a size 32 -34 inch bust.

I love the embroidered Radio Times slip case/cover (for non-UK dwellers, it’s a listings magazine which is still on sale weekly today and is still called Radio Times, even though it has TV and satalite TV times too). I have one which I was given as a present, originally from a prop warehouse. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen it appearing on TV in either a Miss Marple or a Poirot episode, but have never been able to find the right episode.

Stitchcraft May 1937 free vintage knitting pattern

Stitchcraft May 19371Stitchcraft May 19372Stitchcraft May 19373 Stitchcraft May 19374 Stitchcraft May 19375Stitchcraft May 19376  Stitchcraft May 19377 Stitchcraft May 19378 Stitchcraft May 19379 Stitchcraft May 193710   Stitchcraft May 193711 Stitchcraft May 193712Stitchcraft May 193713Stitchcraft May 193715Stitchcraft May 193716Stitchcraft May 193717Stitchcraft May 193718Stitchcraft May 193719Stitchcraft May 193720Stitchcraft May 193721Stitchcraft May 193722Stitchcraft May 193723Stitchcraft May 193724

Stitchcraft May 193726Stitchcraft May 193727

Stitchcraft May 193725Stitchcraft May 193728Stitchcraft May 193729

Stitchcraft May 193731Stitchcraft May 193730Stitchcraft May 193732Stitchcraft May 193733 Stitchcraft May 193734 Stitchcraft May 193735 Stitchcraft May 193736

Stitchcraft May 193738 Stitchcraft May 193737 Stitchcraft May 193739 Stitchcraft May 193740 Stitchcraft May 193741 Stitchcraft May 193742

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    Thanks for posting this! So many lovely patterns.

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