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Year – 1940s

Size – 34, 36 inch busts

Yarn Size – 3 ply

If only there was a chart for it, like modern knitting patterns. You can always make your own using I don’t find La Laine patterns very often. They seem to be a brand name of Bairns-wear, which was a Nottingham brand. I’m *really sorry *there is a very unacceptable word in one of the yarn colour names.

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7 responses to “Fair Isle Cardigan from WW2 – La Laine 2203- free 1940s knitting pattern”

  1. Suna Avatar

    Sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. saraohm Avatar

    Wonderful! I must make this.

  3. Jacky Avatar

    the kntting girls from Stephen and Penelope in Amsterdam ( yes my and my friends)are going to knit this as a KAL ,
    Jenneke spotted this pattern in an episode of Midsommer murders and i’ll found it on the internet and Anouk rememberred the pattern from Ravelry
    Thanks for sharing,on the moment we debating the colours 🙂

    greetings from Jacky van der Meulen aka DutchJacky on Ravelry

  4. Denise Gore Avatar
    Denise Gore

    Thank you for the pattern. I am making it now. I’ve just finished the back and one front.

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      Will you be able to share a picture when it’s done? I’d love to see it. I’m @sunnystitcher on Instagram.

  5. Laura Avatar

    Many thanks for sharing this! I have just bound off my sleeves and am in the process of weaving all my ends in for blocking. Trying to get my head around designing a matching sweater for a twinset with a fair isle yoke.

  6. Stormie Avatar

    I Saw This Just Browsing. I Said “Oh, I Like That” Then I Scrolled Down Only To Find Out This Jumper And I Have The Same Name… Absolutely Amazing. I Guess It’s A Sign That I Should Make One! Thanks So Much. Cheers!

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