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Year – At 2d. the price suggests this is from the 1930s. The size of the paper pattern also matches the 30s to early 40s. The yarn was invented in the 1930s and available 1930s/1940s (this is not 100% fact as I got the information from a website). However I’m guessing by the haircut and width of shoulder that this is a WW2 pattern. It’s a bigger size than P&B leaflets I’ve seen which are definitely from that period, so it could be late 1930’s or early enough on in the war that the paper restrictions and shortages hadn’t affected knitting patterns yet

Size – 34 – 36 inch bust

Yarn Size – DK

I was another holiday and this was a charity shop find and is rather fragile and has been taped glued back together at some point.


Spot my favourite knitting model – Jumper Jill bellow.



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