This is a bumper post of a whole booklet of patterns. It might have been from the UK newspaper The Mirror, but I’m not sure. Has anyone heard of the Women’s Mirror? I’m sorry about the text that runs across pages 8 and 9. If you view them side by side its just legible. From the hair I’m guessing it is from the mid-sixties.

Each pattern is in a range of sizes. Sunny Honeycomb cardigan on the front cover is 32 – 40 inch bust. The Chunky Check is 34-38. The men’s Leisure Look is 38-40. Four Fabulous styles from one pattern is 36-38. Cuddle Coat is 34-40. Saddle Shoulder Sweater for men is 38-44. The unusual stitch Cross Knit Cutie is 34-40. Peppermint and Purple is 32-38.

Hit read more to see the gallery of pictures or click HERE for the pdf.

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