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Year – 1940s

Size – 34, 36, 38 inch busts

Yarn Size – 2 ply

Doesn’t the sleeve head look a little bizarre? Like it’s been folded to fit in. I’m sure it was a design feature, but not one I have seen before.

For the most authentic look, a modern yarn that knits as 2-ply is the Susan Crawford designed Fenella. These are all dyed to a vintage palette and yes I have plugged it before, but no, she doesn’t pay me for advertising. However I have met her and she is very lovely. I was a novice knitter and went to the launch of her book A Stitch In Time 2 at the now gone, but much missed local yarn shop Prick Your Finger. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and was feeling fragile. The shop owner gave me a hug and tea, Susan gave me advice patiently (about knitting, not relationships) and I felt much better. Over Christmas I was showing my current boyfriend one of her other books, which has a Christmas jumper in it, and I nearly shouted “NO! Susan signed that for me” when he handled it roughly. Anyway, I digress, here is the pattern!

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