This lovely pattern is part of a set and will be publishing both. If you want to see the matching top pattern link – click here.

Year – this is a tiny pattern so definitely from the 1940s. As I’ve said before, this is due to paper shortages. The twinset in fair isle is a classic of wartime making do.

Size – 34, 36, 38 inch bust (19 inches measured flat)

Yarn Size – 3 ply

This pattern is free. You can print the pages below, save the jpgs from this post (right click over picture or long hold, till a menu comes up with Save Picture), or download. To open the download you need a pdf reader program. There might be some erroneous adverts on the page with the word Download in them, so please look at the bottom of this post for the correct file and download button.

4 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern 1940’s Fair Isle Cardigan – Bestway 1656”

  1. Tracey Avatar

    Is leaflet 1655 – the matching jumper – available, so I can make the twinset? I love this and have just been on a fair isle course so want to use my new skills. Thank you for sharing all your amazing pattern finds ❤️ X

    1. Caroline Avatar

      You should now find the matching set. I’ve updated this post with the link. Sorry it took a very long time to hunt it down out in the wild!

  2. Caroline Brooks Avatar

    It may be in the 100 patterns in my to-scan box. I will have a look!

  3. […] This lovely pattern is a set and I will be sharing both. If you want to see the matching cardigan pattern click this link. […]

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