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Year – 1940s

Size – 34, 35, 36 inch busts – finished measurement 36 inches

Yarn Size – 2 ply

2 responses to “1940s Ladies Sweater top – Patons 968- free vintage knitting patterns”

  1. Lois Hadley Avatar
    Lois Hadley

    I’ve tried to knit this pattern twice. As soon as get to the pattern after the rib, at the end of every single row, the stitch numbers don’t add up. Row 1, I was 1 stitch short of the 121. I increased 1 stitch. End of row 2, I needed to add 2 stitches. I added 2 stitches. At the end of row 3, I was 4 stitches short. Either I’m misinterpreting the pattern or there is an error in the printing. Regrettably I’ve decided to change to another pattern,

  2. Caroline Brooks Avatar

    Were you knitting the front? I’ll have a go at it and see if I can create an errata for it.

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