Year: Mid to late1930s I think, because though this is a late 20s hair style, it remained in use for longer as a child’s style, after ladies had moved onto a longer cut. The overall size of the paper pattern means it is pre WW2, but the 3d price was common in the 40s. I have seen this ruffle style on other 30s patterns.

Size – 26, 29 and 31 inch busts

Yarn Size – 4 ply

Where is the download and donate button? There isn’t one right now for this file but you can see all the pictures below.

One response to “Girl’s Sweater Knitting Pattern from 1930s- Lee 265”

  1. Rowena Reichel Avatar
    Rowena Reichel

    It’s so beautiful. Definitely will be making it for my daughter. Thanx so much

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