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I’m a northerner transplanted to London, where I appreciate the southern climate, but miss the crisp brand Seabrooks. I retired in my twenties due to an illness called fibromyalgia. I’m trying to cultivate the required amount of old lady pastimes to go with the retirement.  I haven’t managed to do any real crime solving yet, I have knitted my way through a lot of Miss Marple & Poirot episodes and now have sunk to the depths of Midsummer Murders, which just isn’t the same. I knit and make clothes around the time I spend lying around feeling ill, with my constant companion Tilly the Wondercat.

This is my favourite mat

I’m part of the Shoreditch Sisters WI and occasionally appear in public with a sewing machine trying to force people into making their own exciting things or waving banners at Million Women Rise or other feminist marches, before sloping off to a cafe for a cup of tea and a long rest. I also teach beginners knitting at the Shoreditch Sisters Knit and Natter group, even though I haven’t yet mastered intarsia or lace. I don’t live in Shoreditch (who could afford that!), so I’m hoping to start a more local group here in less trendy Haggerston.

I’m also really active on Pinterest. Here is my Pinterest Profile:


This blog is where I’m sharing my knitting pattern collection, scans of vintage magazines, a little bit about my adventures in stitches, both knitted and sewn and occasionally other random stuff.

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  1. Julia Calladine Avatar

    Do you have any knitpat patterns please?

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      I’m sorry I don’t and I haven’t heard of that brand. Which country is ut from?

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