Men’s 1940s set of patterns in 34 to 34 inch bust made with 3 ply yarn. The patterns are for 15 garments: Simple pullover with or without sleeves in either a V neck or round neck, cardigan with or without sleeves, polo pullover, scarf, cap, gloves, socks, bedsocks, steering mittens, fingerless gloves, sea boot stockings, heel-less bedsocks, balaclava helmet, scarf with fringed edges

This original pattern booklet is available for download as a pdf on a choose your own price payment system.

Year – This is from WW2 as it is knits for servicemen (price indicates around 1940-1941, paper size is larger and higher quality than patterns from later on when there were worse resource shortages).

Size – 36 to 38 inch chest

Yarn Size – 3 & 4 ply

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