Here is some treasure found today in a secondhand furniture shop on Broadway Market in Hackney. It is in three sizes 34, 36 or 38 inch – yay! This is rarer in older patterns and means no tricky calculations to make it fit a non-vintage body type like mine. This is called Ladies Classic  Raglan Sports Jumper, though you might be wondering what sport needs a high neck woolie like this. The answer is all sports played in Britain between September and May. It is made by a company called Marriners, which is really annoying as it should be spelled mariners, though I might let them off, as the company is named after R.V. Marriner Spinners.  I’ve been knitting with only 4-ply yarn for months, so a nice DK jumper will be a quick knit for a change. Just have to finish the three things I already have on the go…

50s Roll Neck free vintage knitting pattern
Click the picture for the pattern

Or click this –

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