This one is a creased and well loved charity shop 50p rescue. I haven’t got any children and am very happy mothering my cats, but I can’t stop buying kids patterns, especially if they involve wildly inappropriate in the 21st century things, like hammers and this time it’s chemistry! I like the bit of colourwork along the bottom. For boys and girls 24, 26 or 28 inch chest. And look at the text – ” Forward- looking 4 to 9 year olds are demanding colour at the waist and cuffs of their v-neck raglan sweaters in double knitting.” That’s a suspiciously specific demand. (I suspect someone from the wool shop has been giving out sweets, or possibly chemistry sets in return for kids badgering their Mum’s for specific raglan v-necks).

Boys grey jumper chemistry


Boys grey jumper chemistry1

Boys grey jumper chemistry2

Boys grey jumper chemistry3

2 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Boys Sweater for the young scientist”

  1. itwasjudith Avatar

    hahaha, i’m the same 😉
    keep buying children’s patterns i’ll probably never get to use
    nice post and thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. […] Here’s a little number from the 1950’s. I’ve seen a few men wearing this style recently, so I’m guessing it’s back in fashion. I certainly have the same pattern for ladies from the 1970s too (some 70s patterns will be hitting the site soon, I’ve had a buying spree and am having a mini-phase of loving that decade). Also I can never resist a knitting pattern in which a man is doing something manly, like smoking a pipe, owning a dog, leaning on something or doing some science. […]

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