Stitchcraft April 1947
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Here is April’s offering- on the cover a green evening top to wear with pearls, 34-36 inch bust and on the back cover a WTF faux fringing design? It is 33-35 bust and looks like a shark took a bite out of the front. Men’s socks in two colours made on double pointed needles and a men’s a spring sleeveless pullover size 36-38 inch chest. My two favorites are the short sleeved striped “to go with your slacks” (which gives us a clue that by 1947 trousers for ladies were quite acceptable) in size 34-36, and a bobbley short sleeved top with a collar in size 34-36 inch bust. Three weird linen collars, similar to designs seen in earlier Christmas issues and finally three cushion designs in quilting or cross stitch.

I do have a copy of March 1947 and had been scanning them chronologically, but for some reason it doesn’t thrill me. The designs are a bit dull, so I have skipped ahead to April, which has patterns I’d like to knit and a couple of “what were they thinking?” items. Everything you’d want from an old knitting magazine!

Stitchcraft April 19471

Stitchcraft April 19472

Stitchcraft April 19473


Stitchcraft April 19474





Stitchcraft April 19475

Stitchcraft April 19476

Stitchcraft April 19477

Stitchcraft April 19478


Stitchcraft April 19479

Stitchcraft April 194710

Stitchcraft April 194711

Stitchcraft April 194712

Stitchcraft April 194713

Stitchcraft April 194715

Stitchcraft April 194714

Stitchcraft April 194716

Stitchcraft April 1947

5 responses to “Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft April 1947”

  1. pandoras3 Avatar

    Interesting. But you forgot page 16, which is the last of the instructions for the StitchCraft 1947 cover cardigan! So disappointing. I like the fitted tailored look with the gathered sleeve cups.

  2. Diane Bullmore Avatar
    Diane Bullmore

    Are you able to send to me page 16 which is missing on your website for the Stithcraft April 1947. Green cardigan. I am not able to get through google as it is not working for me.
    Many thanks.


    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      I’m sorry. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it to scan. That page isn’t on my Google drive or on my laptop. If I have time, I will go to the library that has it and scan the missing page.

  3. adrianne24 Avatar

    Did you by chance happen to get a scan of the page 16? I would absolutely love to make this pattern. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done making these vintage patterns available.

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      Oops. It was a copy I had, rather than a library scan. Will dig it out and add the missing page!

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