Men's Jumper

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How cool does this guy look? He’s not some tree leaning cardigan model. This guy is hanging out in London, listening to jazz in smoky basements and going on CND marches.

If you think that is a flight of fancy, jumpers really were trendy for a while with youngsters, pre-Rock and Roll, when the cool kids in Soho listened to trad jazz. Here is George Melly back in the day looking cool in a nice wooly and here is an article all about the scene.

Focusing on the knitting again, this jumper can be made in 3ply, 4ply or DK yarn. I have never seen this on a pattern before. How is this possible? In the four pages they have managed to squeeze in three sets of directions! That makes it a perfect jumper for those yarns you love the colour of, that aren’t the right size for what you thought you were making next, or whatever you have a lot of in your stash. Unfortunately the amount of balls needed is by weight, so a bit of guess work might have to go on to decide how many balls you’ll need.

Men's Jumper1

Men's Jumper2

Men's Jumper3

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