30s ladies yoke cardigan

Year – 1930s

Size – 32 to 34 inch bust

Yarn Size – Unknown. Designed for “KwikKnit” wool and I suggest it’s larger than DK as it asks for 7mm needles (old UK size 2). This will probably knit up pretty quickly.

I bought this at Spitalfields Market on a Thursday which is flea market and antique day. It’s become my regular day trip, to the point where the button stall owner recognises me. This time when I arrived, she produced a box from under the table full of knitting patterns. This cardigan is on my to make list now. It’s for a 32/34 inch bust, which is a little small for me.

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4 responses to ““A Popular Model” 1930s Ladies Yoke Cardigan – Briggs 147”

  1. melancholianostalgia Avatar

    Oh I love it!! Thank you for sharing! Lucky you to have such a great source!

  2. nays Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this pattern. I love the yoke!

  3. Bridget Curran Avatar

    I’m putting the finishing touches on this one – just have to buy and stitch on the buttons. I altered it a small bit – I knitted it in Bernat Softee Chunky to be more of a chunky cardigan to wear on nippy mornings, and I knitted the button bands separately, in ribbing, stitching them on afterwards. I’m not 100% happy with my efforts, but all in all it’s not bad 🙂

    1. Caroline Brooks Avatar

      That’s marvellous Bridget. I’ve always picked up stitches to make button bands and they are a pain to get the right number of stitches – next time I might knit them separately and see them on.

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