Free Vintage Knitting Magazine Stitchcraft July – August 1947

Here is the next issue in my collection, but first some exciting news! I’ve been along to the British Library to ask them if I can have access to their archive of knitting magazines, and they not only said yes, but also I can share anything out of copyright on this blog! They have scanners in their reading rooms, so for a small fee I can scan directly onto a memory stick. Go British Museum! If I could snog an institution, this is the one I’d choose. I can also access most of the fashion magazines of the 20th Century and I’m planning to do a bit of nostalgic 90’s Just 17 scanning, which I’ll pop onto a Tumblr site.

Now, on with this issue of Stitchcraft:

Stitchcraft August 1947

I love the bow necked short sleeved jumper on the front (for a 32-34 inch bust). I have at least three sewing patterns for this style of top, which I’ve been meaning to make for oh, at least two years now.

Page 2 and 3 are all about an oriental cushion pattern, then we get the jumper from the cover and it’s matching cardigan.  Then a jumper in an unusual leafy stitch ” For a Buxom Teenager” (33-35 inch bust), a canary coloured waistcoat aka “a vest” if you are American (33-35 inch bust), a “gaily striped holiday jumper” (33-35 inch bust), two sleeveless pullovers for a boy of eight (check out the hammers the models are using). Page 11 has a lovely little girls dress with smocking, followed by two make do and mend belts to cheer up an old dress. Page 17 has an interesting advert trying to attract women back into the WAAF (Women’s Auxilary Air Service) even though the war was over, with enticing promises of leave, cash, better uniforms and in the pictures ballroom dancing with handsome air men.


Stitchcraft August 19471

Stitchcraft August 19472

Stitchcraft August 19473

Stitchcraft August 19474

Stitchcraft August 19475


Stitchcraft August 19476
Stitchcraft August 19477

Stitchcraft August 19478

Stitchcraft August 19479

Stitchcraft August 194710

Stitchcraft August 194711

Stitchcraft August 194712

Stitchcraft August 194713

Stitchcraft August 194714

Stitchcraft August 194715

Stitchcraft August 194716

Stitchcraft August 194717

Stitchcraft August 194718

Stitchcraft August 194719



  1. Wow, this is good news! Thank you again (and again, and again …) for sharing these lovely scans with us and thanks for all the work you put into that.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Please be very careful as you are breaching copyright laws. Please visit my blog to see a previous post. I have first hand knowledge from the Knitting and Crochet Guild about this very topic.
    You are also devaluing the uniqueness of these patterns, many people have spent a lot of money buying and collecting them, including me and you are flooding the market with free copies thereby devaluing their worth.

  3. Hi Michelle, I believe these patterns are out of copyright and in the public domain, as knitting patterns covered under design rights for 15 years and the layout of the magazine is covered for 25 years from when it was first published. This is UK legislation and may differ in other countries.

    However, if the actual copyright holder contacts me and demonstrates that I am incorrect, I will take them down. I also know that if any of the patterns have been reprinted by the copyright holder, the rights would be from that later publication date. Vogue patterns for example have been collected and reprinted, so I don’t scan any of those.

    Identical scans are available on Etsy and Ebay where non-copyright holders are selling pdfs of these magazines. I believe they are so rare that it is a good thing to make them available, so that the designs can be knitted and live on, but I didn’t design them, so to me I shouldn’t profit from them. This is why I give them away rather than selling scanned copies.

    In spite of offering them for free, I have sold on Ebay the exact magazines for the price I paid for them, to people who knew they were here for free, but still wanted and treasured the original sources. Therefore I believe the monetary value in your collection will not be affected by this website.

  4. Help needed. I was trying to knit the Jumper for buxom teen-ager on page 6 but got stuck after row 10. Can someone help me with the pattern? I have tried to figure it out but I have not managed to get the pattern to work.

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