Free Vintage Knitting Pattern – Forties Sweater from Viyella

To me Viyella means the manufacturer of super mops, not knitting patterns. This is another small black and white pattern for 2-ply and 3-ply. I’m missing a bit of colour on the scanner, but I’ve got five more of these tiny knitting patterns to share first. Shown on the blog as actual size of the page, must have been trying to save paper due to war shortages. It’s a 34 inch bust and was originally intended for navy and white yarn. See it here on Google docs or read more below for pictures.

ribbed two colour jumper

ribbed two colour jumper free vintage 40s forties knitting pattern1

ribbed two colour jumper2 free vintage 40s forties knitting pattern

free forties ribbed two colour jumper3


  1. Thanks for posting these beautiful patterns. I wonder if a laced back opening is easier or harder to do up than a buttoned opening?

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