Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Patons & Baldwins’ Diana design ladies jumper 3/617

pandb ladies jumper_1

Here is today’s pattern from the 1930s.

I found a new archive with knitting patterns. It’s the Constance Howard gallery at Goldsmiths University and it’s small but as a student there I get to go and look at it whenever I like. Yay!

I also have a favour to ask all the users of this site. I don’t charge for these patterns and never will. I don’t use advertising either. But if you’ve ever enjoyed the patterns please donate to this cause. My friend of 22 years died in July of myotonic dystrophy (a rare form of muscular dystrophy) and his son has the same disease in a more intense form (congenital myotonic dystropy). There is a fund for research into the disease. Please give a little. Just a dollar or a pound each from the 22,000 people who have viewed this site would make a big difference. Thank you.

Here is is as a pdf. Scroll down for all the pages as jpegs.

pandb ladies jumper_2
pandb ladies jumper_3.jpg
pandb ladies jumper_4.jpg
pandb ladies jumper_5.jpg
pandb ladies jumper_6
pandb ladies jumper_8.jpg
pandb ladies jumper_7.jpg

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