Free Vintage Magazine – Stitchcraft August- September 1946 with lots of knitting patterns

My Stitchcraft collection skips some issues after October 1945, so the next one is this crazy hat number, August – September 1946.

Stitchcraft Aug 1946


Click the picture for the pdf or scroll down for pictures

Really, what was the designer thinking? That hat is simply bonkers.

There are a few more crazy hats, a lovely bedjacket that makes me wish I was better at lacy patterns (33-35 inch bust), two short sleeved jumpers with bows at the neck (also 33-35 inch bust), a man’s plain pullover in honeycomb stitch (40-42) and three charming jumpers – white short sleeves for 32-34 inch bust; shorts sleeved cardigan jumper for 32-34 inch bust; and short or long sleeves with interesting stripe and bobble pattern (referred to as ZigZag jumper) for 33-35 inch bust. On the back cover (pattern on page 4) is a lovely embroidered hat and handbag.

There is a tiny book review for Dress Making and Dress Design by Bernard Del Monte, on page 9, which grumbles that it doesn’t cover cutting on the bias and that “surely a normal female with a 34-inch bust does not usually have hips measuring 40 inches.” This book intrigues me.

Stitchcraft Aug 19461

Stitchcraft Aug 19462

Stitchcraft Aug 19463

Stitchcraft Aug 19464


Stitchcraft Aug 19465

Stitchcraft Aug 19466

Stitchcraft Aug 19467

Stitchcraft Aug 19468

Stitchcraft Aug 19469

Stitchcraft Aug 194610

Stitchcraft Aug 194611

Stitchcraft Aug 194612

Stitchcraft Aug 194613

Stitchcraft Aug 194614

Stitchcraft Aug 194615

Stitchcraft Aug 194616

Stitchcraft Aug 194617

Stitchcraft Aug 194618

Stitchcraft Aug 194619


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