Free Vintage Knitting Magazine – Stitchcraft October 1946

Stitchcraft Oct 19461.jpg

Look at this lovely red twin set (34-36 bust) and the must have accessory of the year, a live parrot! Also inside this issue – some wooly winter stockings, a fair isle pixie hood for 10 year old, a teddy bear from an old jumper, vest and panties set, a classic cardigan (34-36), two patterned short sleeved jumpers, one to “wear with your tweeds” (35-37) and the other with a leaf yoke in three colours (34-36).

Did you know I live in East London and adore it? It is a bit of a nation unto itself. When I lived in North and later South London, I still needed to visit the central area for things like shops and cinema, but now Hackney and the surrounding area has nearly everything I need. The local fabric shop, which was one of the reasons I moved here, has sadly closed now, so I can’t nip out to get exactly the right zip and be home fifteen minutes later, sigh. Anyway East London is relevant, as this issue was found at Netil Market in Hackney. A smaller sister to the 10 year old Broadway Market, Netil market has an ever changing selection of stalls with records, antiques, flea market stalls, artists stalls and on this occasion textile and magazines. But if you are only looking for knitting magazines, you won’t find treasure every week and incidentally both markets are Saturdays only. There are well established food sheds and a central seating area and a weekly second hand furniture stall out front, which delivers if you buy something over £50. Less crowded than the over popular Broadway Market which is five minutes away, it is also mostly free from the local minor annoyances of loud voiced fashionably dressed chai latte drinkers, tourists and  the well to do organic food buyers, and the day time drinkers with beards and no manners. I think there is evidence of a whole i-Pod generation deafened by earphones. Stitchcraft Oct 1946 p2 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 p3 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 p4 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 p5 Stitchcraft Oct 19466 Stitchcraft Oct 19467 Stitchcraft Oct 19468 Stitchcraft Oct 19469 Stitchcraft Oct 194610 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 1 Stitchcraft Oct 1946 13 Stitchcraft Oct 194614 Stitchcraft Oct 194616 Stitchcraft Oct 194617 Stitchcraft Oct 194618 Stitchcraft Oct 194619 Stitchcraft Oct 194620 Stitchcraft Oct 194621


  1. Can’t help it but have to think of Alfred Hitchcock (I’ve always been thinking of a crow when seeing this cover picture somewhere, never of a parrot)…
    The twinset is gorgeous, though.
    Thank you for posting! Barbara

  2. My mother used to knit pixie hoods for my sister and myself. I have a picture of my sister in a lovely frilly angora bonnet, also knitted by my mother.

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