Fair Isle Cardigan from WW2 – La Laine 2203- free 1940s knitting pattern


Link to PDF

Year – 1940s

Size – 34, 36 inch busts

Yarn Size – 3 ply

If only there was a chart for it, like modern knitting patterns. You can always make your own using chartminder.com. I don’t find La Laine patterns very often. They seem to be a brand name of Bairns-wear, which was a Nottingham brand. I’m *really sorry *there is a very unacceptable word in one of the yarn colour names.

Image (2).jpg
Image (3)
Image (4).jpg


  1. Hi,
    the kntting girls from Stephen and Penelope in Amsterdam ( yes my and my friends)are going to knit this as a KAL ,
    Jenneke spotted this pattern in an episode of Midsommer murders and i’ll found it on the internet http://midsomermurders.org/villagedead6.htm and Anouk rememberred the pattern from Ravelry
    Thanks for sharing,on the moment we debating the colours 🙂

    greetings from Jacky van der Meulen aka DutchJacky on Ravelry

  2. Many thanks for sharing this! I have just bound off my sleeves and am in the process of weaving all my ends in for blocking. Trying to get my head around designing a matching sweater for a twinset with a fair isle yoke.

  3. I Saw This Just Browsing. I Said “Oh, I Like That” Then I Scrolled Down Only To Find Out This Jumper And I Have The Same Name… Absolutely Amazing. I Guess It’s A Sign That I Should Make One! Thanks So Much. Cheers!

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