Ladies Twinset knitting pattern

On Saturday I visited  a vintage car boot sale and walked around far too much. Oh my achey legs the next day! It was worth it as I came back with some fantastic treasure – knitting patterns, some thread and fasteners which were exactly what I need for planned projects, a lovely black handbag, a gravy jug and egg cups that match a vintage set I’m collecting. While I rest up this week I will try and upload a pattern a day. Here is the first – click the picture to see the whole pattern.

Ladies Twinset

Before the car boot I met my boyfriend, who shall remain anonymous so I’ll call him Mr Useful for his great DIY skills. It was our two year anniversary, so we had afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, which is where the Queen gets her groceries and has been open since 1707. Afternoon tea isn’t just a cup of tea, it is a whole meal of sandwiches, scones and cakes. I had a moment of confusion, as there was rather a lot of cutlery on the table, making it look like we where supposed to eat our sandwiches with a knife and fork. Maybe someone can advise me on  the proper etiquette for posh dining experiences.

I’ve been for afternoon tea before. To celebrate my 30th birthday, my Mum took me to the Ritz (which involved booking three months ahead). I have to say comparing cake, sandwiches and tea, the Ritz was better, though Mr Useful said his coffee was perfect and I liked the scones.

We also had a look around the sweet shop on the ground floor, which is like a Willy Wonka’s factory for grown ups. Mostly it was full of tourists, and I think Fortnums must bank on their sweets not being eaten till the tourists get home, as the marzipan apple I bought was stale and horrid. It was also £8.55 for two and they are smaller than actually apple sized. As a marzipan connoisseur the German brand Ritter Sport has the better marzipan for around £1.70 for a marzipan and chocolate bar .

I’d say if you were on holiday in London, go to Fortnum and Mason for a look around, avoid the sweets and go and buy something from the games section, which is on one of the four upstairs floors. We found a stack of reproduction vintage card games and bought one called Accused created by Laurence Meynell, an author I hadn’t heard of, who had the same publisher as Agatha Christie. It promises to be skillful and thrilling fun and I’ll be taking it on my Agatha Christie themed holiday to Torquay in a months time.

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