Free Vintage Magazine: Stitchcraft July 1945

Stitchcraft July 1945

Here is a free scan of Stitchcraft from July 1945. Click the picture to go to the magazine.

I found some fantastic treasure in Oxfam in Totnes, Devon, on my Agatha Christie theme holiday. 23 copies of Stitchcraft Magazine from the 1940s! Apparently they arrived recently, all together in a suitcase. Mr Useful was off looking at a castle while I rummaged in the flea market, charity shops and vintage shops, so he wasn’t around to suggest that I didn’t really need them all.


The staff were lovely and looked around in the shop and back room to make sure I had all the copies, as I began with the eight I found on the shelves and asked if there were anymore, not really expecting that there would be so many more. The manager even found one after I’d paid and left, and came outside to find me (where I was photographing the window display.)

Best Oxfam ever! If you want to search online for charity shop treasure, check out the enormous Oxfam Online Charity Shop. Look in the household section for sewing notions and patterns, or at the vintage clothes. All the items are listed by volunteers at different branches, so some don’t recognize when the word vintage is or isn’t appropriate. I have a fantastic warm winter coat, which I found not under vintage coat, but under St Micheal’s, which was the label in all Marks and Spencer clothes for years.

All the magazine I bought are in good condition and instead of scanning and blogging one pattern at a time, it is easier to upload by entire magazine, as they all seem to have patterns continued on another page, in a tiny column. Can you imagine how long it would take to edit these together into one pdf, for ever pattern in every magazine! So, have them all, adverts and other stitching projects included. One down, 22 to go!



  1. Gratulation for this lovely find and thanks so much for sharing! This booklet is so lovely, and there a few things I would like to knit.
    Greetings Nicole

  2. Wowzer!! I have heard tell of a few Stitchcraft Magazines turning up in Charity shops but have never actually found one myself, but 23 well that’s amazing! Oh and Thank you for sharing them and all your other patterns! I’ll start linking the new ones up to the VPF over the next few days, hope that’s OK! 🙂

    • I really couldn’t believe my luck and had a celebratory cream tea. They need to be shared so people can continue to knit and enjoy them. Plus without the need for patterns to share on this blog, I couldn’t justify how much I spent. I’m hoping people will share picture of things they have made from these patterns.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those knitting treasuries! I’m really fond of the white tennis shirt…
    Greetings Barbara

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