“Charming Neckline” Finished

This is my second or third knit from Susan Crawford’s Stitch In Time Volume 2. First here is a picture from the book.

@Susan Crawford

This was an easy knit, which I think a beginner who can knit, purl and decrease would be able to follow. The tricky bit was adding the raglan sleeves, using the stitch markers Susan advises you to add in the pattern (thank goodness for them, or I would have had no idea where the sleeves went). I always use little safety pins as markers they are easier to attach to stitches and remove than some of the commercial markers, which can be too big and designed to sit on the needles. Pinned and tacked sleeves and sides with sewing cotton to try on, as I’m being cautious, having had a disaster when trying to remove a wonky sleeve from another project. Then sewed up properly when I was convinced the sleeves were good.

As I’ve mentioned before, the pattern book reprints the original, which was from the “Home Journal Gift Book” as well as printing a new pattern, resized for multiple modern sizes and rephotographed beautifully. In this case I followed the sizing of the original pattern which ought to be a size 30-32 in the modern pattern, but fitted me fine (and am a 36DD bra size). The original 30s pattern  is also 2 or 3 inches shorter than Susan Crawford’s version. This is to both get an authentic vintage look and because I am short torsoed (is that a word?). I could tell from the pictures that I didn’t want that extra length.

In the photo the skirt is from eBay and is a 70s or 80s one which I think can pass for earlier.

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