IS it a Pattern Keeper? Is it a Chart Saver? No, it’s Chart Minder!

I sometimes have a complete mental block on remembering words for things. Same with names, but this forgetfulness seems to afflict me with the same person’s names or a website’s name. My knit and natter buddy Amy had to suffer nearly a year of repeatedly being asked her name. This is totally relevent, as the website I want to share with you is one of those things. I remember it exists and that I want to use it, but can’t remember the name. Having now mentioned it once on the blog, I’ve been reduced to reading my own old blog posts trying to find that one mention. So this post is really for me, to make it easier to find!

Also it’s had a beautiful make over as Abby the code queen and knitter who made it has been joined by designer Lauren. The website is for knitters to make their own colourwork charts, but for those vintage magazine hoarders like me, it will make a chart from your picture. You begin with creating an account – don’t worry it’s all free – and can you can sign in with your Ravelry account if you have one.

So have a look at Chart Minder here at


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