Elsewhere…a knitted backpack

I have popped up in another blog from Fabrications, one of my favorite shops, with this backpack

It is from Stitch ‘n Bitch Handbook: Instructions, Patterns, and Advice for a New Generation of Knitters
The original pattern has either a rabbit or a monkey on it, and I did give the intarsia (that’s knitting with more than one colour of wool to make a design) a go, but couldn’t get the tension right. As mentioned in the Fabrications blog, it is made in 100% British wool. Since that photo was taken I have been using it a lot and expecting at some point a strap would come loose, but it seems quite indestructible. I even went out with a two inch thick hardback book in it, along wit my usual bag detritus and even that didn’t cause any stretching or ripping.

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