Hollyburn Skirt Pattern From Sewaholic Is Splendid

Hollyburn skirt and hedda in mustard

Hollyburn from Sewaholic was a super easy pattern to make and I would recommend it to a beginner. The instructions were easy to follow and I can’t fault it. It comes in three lengths, with different amounts of flare. This is View A, which is the longest.

There were only four pattern pieces to cut out. It has good sized pockets, which I find are essential for carting around my mobile safely, and they are made into a bit of a design feature. I used some fabric rescued from my first ever dress as a contrast, as I was worried about feeding another thick layer through my sewing machine.

Hollyburn contrast pocket

It even fits brilliantly, no issues of too much “ease” (which can mean a finished object turns out a size bigger, something I’ve struggled with from the big name pattern companies like New Look). I’m sure I’ll make this again as the fit is so brilliant. Their website comments that this skirt is designed for a pear shape, smaller waist to hip ratio. Usually I am a different dress size for each measurement and get confused.

I made one change, which was to make the waistband a tiny bit wider to sit higher up. My only regret is not interfacing the wasitband. I thought it might make it too tricky to feed through the machine if I made it any thicker.

I love that Tilly invaded the picture above, she is such a cutie and is so curious about the camera and about what I am making. She assisted at every stage of this skirt.


The fabric was bought as a role remnant on eBay, back when I was a sewing noobie. It actually has a bit of stretchiness to it, but only in one direction, so it didn’t stretch the pieces as I cut them out as I had feared. I made sure to cut all the pieces in the  direction, by which I mean I laid the pieces on the fabric so that the front and back pieces were all the same way up. This takes more fabric and makes more offcuts, so is less economical, but corduroy has a “nap” and you want all the fuzziness to go in one direction. My sewing books tell me this is essential when working with this type of fabric!

Buy your own Hollyburn pattern if you are in the UK, from Trixie Lixie. I’d like to make this again in a more drapey fabric after seeing this picture on the Trixie Lixie site.

Photo from Trixie Lixie’s pattern shop
I reminds me of a late thirties skirt in its length, drape and flare.

From Haslam Dresscutting System


My version is more reminiscent of the 70s. Although I didn’t see this picture until afterwards, I did line up the lines of the cord in the same way (as May Martin would want pattern matching, the new watch word of Sewing Bees everywhere, after the last season of GBSB).


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