My first seamless sweater knitted in the round

I’m so rubbish at remembering to blog. I take photos of everything I make with good intentions, then forget all about them, much like knitting projects I intend to make, which are neatly hidden in cupboards, bags and trunks all over the flat. So some months after photographing it, here is my first seamless sweater knitted in the round, from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Opinionated Knitter book. Alas, it came out far too big in spite of several gauge/ tension squares and some maths to work out the right amount of stitches, so I started unravelling it.

The lovely ladies at Prick Your Finger sold me the JC Rennie 4-ply, and here is the sweater mid-unravelling around the neck, being modelled at a Prick Your Finger party/private view, which they kindly invited me to. Post relationship breakup, a party surrounded by wool and lovely people was just what I needed. Unfortunately this lovely man’s name escapes me just now, think I had a drink too many, but the also lovely Tom Of Holland introduced us and we talked about cake and Brighton.

This wool has already been a fair isle, from a Stitch In Time V.1 pattern, which I decided I would never wear. The two colours of wool together reminded me too much of a Cadbury’s Fudge wrapper. I’m going to have another go at making the seamless sweater, a bit smaller this time, and possibly something else as I had nine balls and the above only took four and a half. Any suggestions?

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