Something exciting arrived in the post

I’ve treated myself to a wonderful (yet a bit baffling on first glance) sampler of scans of a ’20-’50 dresscutting system made by Haslam. An enterprising eBay seller has been collecting the booklets published in this era and scanned them, as they are in the public domain. The system looks tricky to follow for the self taught seamstress like me, but the Illustrated Book of Drafting for every year, or in some cases every season, have so many potential vintage dresses to make that I couldn’t resist. The full disc of scans is pricey, so till I’ve made something from the sampler I’ll hold off buying it.

Here is a couple of extracts from the disc (which can be found here: Haslam Dresscutting 30s-50s Booklet Scans)

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