Agatha Christie – New Exhibition of Photographs

I’m such a big fan that I’ve visited her summer house Greenway twice (and photographed her book collection in minute detail, if anyone wants to see those). Next time I go, I’m planning to stay actually in the house as there is National Trust holiday flat.

Anyway, today’s excitement – There is going to be a photographic exhibition at the Bankside Gallery London from 6th September Agatha Christie – Unfinished Portrait running from August to September 2015. I’ll definitely be brushing up my cloche hat to wear to this one.


  1. You may have already seen the video about her life on YouTube featuring David Suchet. I believe that it is called “The Mystery of Agatha Christie”.

    • I have it on DVD I think – lovely boyfriend bought me the complete Poirot box set and I think it’s one of the extras. I also enjoyed the Maggie Smith film with a fictional account of what happened when she went missing.

      • If my job allows I too will go to this.
        A few days ago, I downloaded one of her books ‘Crooked House’ to read on a long flight tomorrow; I am in an Agatha Christie frame of mind.

      • I have Crooked House I think. Some times they blend into each other in my memory – it might be one of the ones filmed as Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple even though she wasn’t in it.

    • The first grown up book or did you skip Enid Blyton and go straight to Christie? Definitely the first grown up book I read was 4.50 from Paddington and the second was a Campion book by Margery Allingham, another Golden Age of Crime lady writer. Both were because of the TV series of the eighties!

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