Dear Jordans, are your products vegan?

Dear Miss Brooks
Thank you for your e-mail concerning products that would be suitable for vegans.   Honey is used on site and this may be the reason for products not showing up on the web site.  I will have to check.
The products that we produce that would be suitable for a vegan diet are as follows:-        

Strawberry Country Crisp  Organic Muesli
Muesli Fruit and Nut              
Muesli Nut and Seed         
Muesli Natural                    
Natural Wheatbran 
Muesli Super Berry      
Porridge Oats   
Organic Porridge Oats 
Raspberry Country Crisp
Muesli Tropical           
Raisin Country Crisp
Four Nut Country Crisp
Natural Wheatgerm 

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you will find a product you like amongst our range.