Having an eBay sale of craft books and magazines

Hello! Due to some personal finance idiocy (possibly including buying too many vintage books, knitting patterns and magazines) I’m having a clear out and have listed some knitting books, magazines and a huge knitting machine on eBay.

I’m hoping this link will go to all my items (and not the list of them only I can see, as eBay don’t help out with this if you are a wee private seller). I’ll be doing a separate post here when I announce the eBaying of some vintage clothes which don’t fit me anymore and perhaps if my resolution to clear out stays firm, I’ll also sell some of my yarn stash, vintage and Liberty fabric.


Also…. some non-craft books and cds are on sale through Amazon.co.uk

When I moved house two years ago, I had a massive clear out of books. Somehow, possibly due to buy one get one free and Amazon deliveries, plus visiting charity shops and second hand bookshops, I had filled four floor to ceiling bookcases, plus three more bookcases half that size. It was better to give away the ones I couldn’t fit at my new smaller house.

On a lovely sunny day, I filled the communal garden with open boxes of books, and put up a big sign saying Free, Please Take. All together I gave away 500 to my neighbours, plus an equal amount donated to charity shops and then saved some to sell on Amazon. These aren’t craft books and two years later a few are still unsold. If you’d like to see my Amazon shop, it is here.

It pains me slightly to have to share my eBay name -Pinkafairy2323. I chose it in 2000, when I was quite a lot younger, and going out in pink fairy wings was perfectly normal and clearly I couldn’t type very well as I added a random “a” to the middle. Pinkfairy 1, 2 or 3 were already taken. I used it as the same name on Amazon two years later and actually spelled it correctly this time, so there I am Pinkfairy2323.  Just to conjure up year 2000 me, I wanted to use eBay to buy Hello Kitty things and then 2002 me wanted to sell all the mind, body and spirit hippie books I had in order to buy Buffy the Vampire Slayer videos and books by or about American Beat authors like Kerouac. Ah, all this was during the sad craft free period of my life between 16 and 25, when in retrospect a bit of knitting would have kept me out of trouble, the sort of trouble which now means I can never become for example, Prime Minister, as tales of my murky past might surface.


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