Reasons to Be Cheerful

In which I’m interviewed, find some great chocolate and am unbelievably popular on Pinterest.

1. I’m in Waitrose magazine! click to read 

OK, it might not be my favourite publication (which is  Frankie), but I’m well chuffed. How is it that ended up in a magazine? Well, I am a member of the Shoreditch Sisters WI , helping to run it for the last three or so years and amoung other things, I set up a subgroup (in WI lingo) for making clothes, The Shoreditch Sewing Bee group, ably assisted by the admin and events organisation prowess of the Marvelous Miss M and our lovely friend Emily. We meet once a month and set our members monthly challenges. We are like a book group. in that you don’t sit and read together as a book group, you talk about books – well, we talk about sewing. I try and give tips and solve people’s sewing woes, though I am no expert, just a little further on than the beginners.

The Shoreditch Sisters WI had a flurry of press and interviews last year – after an article The Guardian Saturday August 17th 2013, there was a piece in November’s Red Magazine . The journalist interviewed Miss M on the phone and then joined our sewing bee for a photoshoot at Tina We Salute You Then I was interviewed by Guardian journalist Zoe Williams at a Sewing Bee meeting at Fabrications in Hackney, about the resurgence of the WI and talked about  making my own clothes and make do and mend as a philosophy. That article is the best one yet, as it isn’t a fluff piece or simply about  the novelty of young women enjoying stereotypicaly old women things. The same journalist has gone on to meet more WI members and has now written a piece for Waitrose Magazine, featuring a quote from me from the previous Guardian interview.

Extract from Waitrose Magazine

Other recent articles about the WI and specifically give the Shoreditch Sisters WI a mention are here:

The Guardian October 30th 2013 The WI is resurgent and we shouldn’t be surprised

The Telegraph 23rd April 2008 Is This WI The Trendiest in Britain?

The Telegraph 30th October 2013  The Seven Tribes of the WI (this one offends me, but it’s supposed to be funny)

2. I’ve now got over a 1,000 Pinterest followers! 

Here’s my Pinterest profile:

3. I had some super awesome vegan chocolate from Broadway Market.

This might not be such a surprise or sound so awesome, so the gory details you need to know are that chocolate, as much as I adore it, gives me nasty gastric problems and in a different way so does dairy.  When it first started I didn’t realise what was causing it, and had a normal rich food & chocolatey Christmas of constant nausea, heart burn and a sore throat – friends will remember that time as I was communicating by mime and writing notes. And so I had to give up chocolate or suffer (so I occasionally suffer, I can’t help it, chocolate is too good). This chocolate is called “Xcocolate” and is from the cafe that used to be called Gossip. The last time my Mum came to visit we went in and the lovely lady there saw us admiring it and gave us a free sample which was simply delicious and very intensely flavoured and didn’t give me any problems. They make it themselves and have four different flavours – one is spicy, another orangey, then coconuty and then flavours I haven’t tried and can’t remember as the orangey one is soooo good that I always have that one.

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