Ok, so it is really hard to get a blogger name that hasn’t already been taken. I chose Theremin_Girl or ThereminGirl, blogging at “Knitting Theremins and Things” without mentioning theremins very much.

The tenuous link is that I did once play theremin in a band. In the internet tradition of pic or it didn’t happen, here is the beautiful art work from the last theremin gig I did:

And a youtube playlist link of The Ceramic Hobs, but it is a bit on the avant garde side of music, much more so than what I usually listen to, so won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The wibbly electronic bits in the background are me on the theremin. My music career began as some drunken 4am ebaying, and a friend telling a friend that I had a theremin, who then invited me to join their band, even though I pointed out I didn’t know how to play it. Two weeks later I was on stage in Leeds and the (later) high point was playing in Berlin. The low point was probably being too sick to play the second Berlin date and then leaving the band all together (they imploded a few years later and were gigging under another name for a while, till very sadly lovely Rooh the guitarist died EDIT a second and third lovely member has died, disproportionate amount of deaths from one band).

As I don’t even have an amp anymore, so I can’t imagine what else I’ll be saying about theremins, apart from that they are a good way to make your life go in an unexpected direction.

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